Niki South             Student number: 514516

Submission – Assignment 5: Making it up

“The Supper”

TUTOR REPORT: Tutor report OCA Niki South 514516 Ass 5


This feedback was by google hangout followed by a brief report.

I was particularly pleased with my Tutor’s feedback this time by video and then written. He has been a hard task master, constructively critical and technically a perfectionist, which has been very good for me. I felt that I had been on a long journey this course and that my work on this final module pulled together the huge learning that I had been through over the last year.


  • Understanding of symbolism.
  • Understanding of art history and contemporary practice.
  • Extensive research and my learning log.
  • Careful construction of a tableaux, including the direction of the actors.
  • Commitment to learning about off camera lighting. I had initially thought to avoid shooting this assignment inside, as I was nervous about using off camera lighting; I am very glad that I challenged myself, bought new equipment, experimented with it and have opened new exciting doors in my photography.
  • Technical improvements in my photography. I have looked back to my last photographic assignment (assignment 3) after which my development areas were: lighting, being aware of shadows and reflections and how to overcome them, and awareness of colour balance. I am pleased that I have improved on these areas with the photography for this assignment.


The areas we talked about were for possible post production work although these were suggested as possibles not essentials at all:

  • To eliminate the light switch above my head in the image. How did I not see this myself? Now it has been pointed out it is a huge irritation and distraction and will have to go!
  • I could tone down the right side of the image and the back of the chair slightly, not essential.
  • I could brighten the door a little, not essential.
  • Should I have used less salt? I did wonder this myself, though I also did want it to be obvious.


These I have taken not only from this assignment but from the wisdom shared by my tutor generally and the learning that I want to take onto my next course myself:

  • To continue to tackle challenges head on to broaden and accelerate my learning.
  • To continue my learning with off camera lighting.
  • To remember to look very carefully with another’s eye, especially a technically trained eye to spot weaknesses and areas for correction.
  • Continue to compose with some ambiguity.
  • To read and research broadly and learn from the great photographers.


  • Reprocess “The Supper” to eliminate the light switch.
  • To experiment with lightening and toning down small areas of the image. I need to look very carefully at the image again and ultimately determine whether I prefer it aesthetically as it is or with some changes, going through the exercise will be useful even if I decide to leave these areas as they are – After some experimentation for my submission image I brightened the open door side of the image very slightly, to balance the tone across the image.

Link to learning log:

This mind map summarises the narrative of my brainstorming and planning contained in the learning log.

 Planning brainstorm:

mind map prep final.jpg




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