LEARNING LOG: Thames Valley OCA Meeting

Thames Valley OCA Photography group meeting 15th July 2017

Though I joined this group a few months ago due to my 2 centre living and travelling, this was the first meeting that I’d been able to attend.

It was good to meet with other OCA photographer, including one that has recently completed their degree as well as a tutor. We were able to share projects that we were working on, mainly through prints, and invite critical comments from the group. There was also a discussion about the body of work that some of the members are working on. For my part the timing for sharing was difficult as I had just completed assignment four and not begun the coursework and research for assignment five, although I did share some initial ideas and had some photographers’ work suggested to me to review.

It will definitely be worthwhile support group and add to my learning journey so I intend to attend monthly when I am able.